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Let DSW get the render on your RH19 property clean.

Render Cleaning Professionals in East Grinstead

DSW Cleaning LTD will clean your render the right way. Call us today to book your East Grinstead render cleaning project now.

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Render Cleaning in East Grinstead


  • Render cleaning improves both the actual and perceived value of your East Grinstead property
  •  When you decide to opt for render cleaning in East Grinstead over re-painting you will save money
  • Your East Grinstead building will be protected from the damage caused by moss and lichen when you simply get it render cleaned
  • Elevate the image of your East Grinstead business and enhance your the kerb appeal by getting your render cleaned.

Have you started to notice red, black or green streaks showing up on your render?

Would you like to see your render looking clean and fresh again?

Are you surprised at the cost of external repainting but unsure how to get your render property looking  clean again?

Organic matter can quickly colonise, erode and distroy your render surfaces.

DSW Cleaning LTD is an award winning exterior cleaning company with specialist render cleaning equipment and we can get your dirty render in East Grinstead clean again.

Get in contact today to discuss your render cleaning needs.

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Render cleaning in East Grinstead to keep your render walls look good

A contemporary new render clad building or appartment  in East Grinstead can look absoloutely lovely. However, when moss and algae begin to take over the render it leaves the building looking dirty, shabby and tired. We are specialists in providing safe and successful external cleaning solutions including render cleaning. We use the latest tools and techniques to safely remove dirt and moss and algae  build up without damaging the render underneath.

We have established a strong reputation in West Sussex, East Sussex, London, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Kent for skilfully cleaning  rendered surfaces on all types of premises – commercial, industrial, educational and residential properties alike. We commence the process by treating outside walls before undertaking a thorough render cleaning process using our specialist softwashing equipment to safely remove stains, marks and algae.

If you don’t treat the moss, algae and pollution which does affect most builings in East Grinstead it can cause serious damage to the render on your building. We carefully restore and refresh  your building using a skilled team of professionals.

Contact us for a free quotation – we can then have a more in depth conversation about what you need. 

We Answer Your Render Cleaning Questions

When you choose DSW to clean your dirty render we assure you an optimum level of service and finish. We’ve put together answers to many of the questions we get asked but please feel free to contact us directly if there is anything further.

I need my render cleaned. What is the first step?

In the first instance we undertake a thorough assessment of the surfaces to establish the correct techniques to clean the render as effectively as possible. Incorrect assessments, and choosing the wrong cleaning techniques can cause unwelcome damage to your render surface then requiring further repair. For example, some cleaners may use a pressure washer for example which only pushes the water deeper into the render surface causing damage. In cold temperatures the water can freeze and crack your render which will then need pricey repair or replacement. In addition to unnecessary damage, try to clean your render with a pressure washing doesn’t destroy the mould spores which  continue to cultivate and resurface again shortly after the pressure clean.

DSW has the abilities, understanding and capability to provide specialized biocide render cleaning services that you can trust for K-Rend Render, cream render, or any other through coloured render.

What are benefits of building render cleaning?
  • Elimination of unattractive green moss and algae from the render
  • Restoration of your building render to an as ‘good as new condition’
  • Non abrasive removal of pollutants, moss and algae
  • Safeguard your building from deterioration or further destruction associated with moss growth
  • Prevention of damp from becoming a problem
  • Permits the walls to breathe while stopping the growth of unwelcome moss
Is render cleaning safe?

The render cleaning products we use and render cleaning solutions we provide are environmentally friendly and fully bio degradable. We utilize steam as part of the render cleaning process.

How do you actually clean dirty render?

Depending on the structure of your building and the brand of render you need to be cleaned, we will either use high reach carbon fibre telescopic poles or specialist softwashing  equipment.

We also have specialist steam cleaning machines which is another preferred method for render cleaning.

What type of render do you clean?

We can clean all types of render, on any building elevation and at any height.

  • Monocouche Render
  • K-Rend render
  • Sto Render
  • Parex Render
  • Lime Render
  • Sand & Cement Render

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