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Gutters are designed to transport rainfall from your home, fast.

However, its very likely that your gutters will at some point, if not fairly regularly become filled with debris from leaves, twigs and even the odd dead animal.

Once your gutters start to
accumulate debris; moss forms and vegetation can take root, and before you know it your gutter are blocked.

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DSW gutter cleaners will get your gutters clear, clean and unblocked safely and effeciently…

The biggest and most damaging problem caused by blocked gutters is water  damage. Any blockage slows down the process of water run off and causes significant issues. Rain water has to flow away so blocked guttering will cause water to back up over your eaves and under the gutters finding its way in through the roof (and ultimately your ceilings), or run off down the exterior walls. Once this happens your property is at real risk of damp, potentially saturated foundations, and significant and expensive structural damage.

If you regularly clean your gutters and they work well, your fascia’s will not be exposed to water. However, blocked gutters expose your gutter to much more water than they are desogned for. This causes deterioration and rot, badly impacting the overall appearance of your home. Gutters are desgned for rain water runoff and are not to carry great weight. Logged gutters puts a weight pressure on the gutter fixings causing them  them to bend and break, damaging the roof, and being a potential hazard to anyone walking underneath.

Many types creatures and critters thrive in the conditions found in blocked gutters. Twigs, leaves and moss are welcome roosts for all sorts of British wildlife, from birds, to insects, wasps, and even mice. Safely removing these creatures and pests is a significant challenge and blockages are exacerbated.

The solution to the different sorts of damage caused by blocked gutters is simple and affordable.

DSW provide annual maintenance checks and a thorough clean.

We leave your gutters capable of doing the job of getting rainfall away from your house, thus preventing damage.

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We Answer Your Gutter Cleaning Questions

When you choose DSW to clear your blocked we assure you an optimum level of service and finish. We’ve put together answers to many of the questions we get asked but please feel free to contact us directly if there is anything further.

I need my blocked gutters cleared urgently. What is the next step?

We will assess the gutters on your London premises within 48 hours  and provide a formal window cleaning quotation shortly thereafter. Once your gutter cleaning appointment is confirmed; fully uniformed staff will clean your gutters safely and quickly.

What types of buildings do you provide gutter services for?

Essentially we provide gutter cleanings services for almost all types of commerical and residential sites. Regardless of whether you need gutter cleaning services to your home, a block of flats, a large office, primary or secondary school, show room or dealership, small retail premises, care home, warehouse or any other type of commercial or corporate premises, DSW gutter cleaners will clean your windows professionally and efficiently.


How will you actually get my blocked gutters clear?

We clean from ground level using high power, high reach gutter cleaning systems. Our gutter cleaning approach totally eliminates the need for expensive scaffolding, time consuming tower constructions and undesirable ladders. Although for gutters higher than 40 foot we are trained to use mobile elevated platforms.

Your gutters will be inspected using our live camera system. Then your gutters will be cleaned using one of our super power, high level gutter-cleaning systems. It really is as simple as that.

Our range of high reach vacuuming systems are suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic properties which means we can clean the gutters at homes, apartments, commercial and retail units.

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