How to Get Full Asking Price On Your Property

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How to Get Full Asking Price On Your Property

Exterior Cleaning Can Help You Achieve The Best Sales Figures

Getting the full asking price for your property involves a mixture of factors, including setting a realistic price based on market conditions, preparing your property for sale, and employing effective marketing strategies. Here are some steps to help you attain the wanted asking price for your property:

Research Market Condition

  • Understand the current market value in your area. Look at current sales of comparable properties to get an indication of the market value.

  • Consider seeing with an estate agent who has local market knowledge to help you establish a competitive yet achievable asking price.

Set a Competitive Asking Price:

  • While it’s expected that you will want the maximum conceivable amount for your property, it’s important to set a competitive asking price. A price tag that is excessively high might dissuade prospective buyers.
  • Collaborate with your estate agent to decide on a well-considered pricing strategy that aligns with market conditions and places your property competitively.

Improve Your Property’s Kerb Appeal

  • Address any visible issues or necessary repairs in your property before listing it
  • A well-maintained property tends to attract more buyers and can justify a higher asking price
  • Think about staging your property to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Staging involves positioning furniture and decor to emphasise the property’s greatest qualities and make an affirmative impression.
  • First impressions count so don’t ignore the significance of instant kerb appeal.
  • Studies show that you have just 10 seconds to sway a potential buyer. It doesn’t take long to elevate your kerb appeal and you might add value to your asking price.

DSW Cleaning can improve your property’s kerb appeal and help you to get offers closer to and even above market price. How? Our Seven Step Exterior Cleaning Service Plan is specifically designed for homeowners with prioperties just about to go to market. These seven core cleaning elements can drastically change the way your property is seen by potential buyers and help you achieve as close to asking price as possible.

Clean Your Stone Portico

The front door of your property is one of the first features of your home that buyers will see. Sensibly then your front door and front of house area it needs give a good first impression so that viewers get excited to see the rest of your home. Stone porticos can become discoloured by weathering over the years. Given that they are such statement pieces of your homes architecture it is vital to get stone portico’s clean professionally.

Clean Your Garden Walls

Cleaning garden walls and planters can have a big impact on your kerb appeal. A neglected and tired garden wall or planter will be seen as simply another task that any prospective buyers will have to undertake if they purchase your house. Addressing the matter of dirtied garden walls and planters will immediately make your house appealing.

Clean Your Patios, Paths & Driveways

If the approach to your house looks outstanding and remarkable, any potential homeowner will instantly be impressed rather than underwhelmed. They may even overlook some internal preferences or any layout issues, if they are that enthralled by the external elements of your property.

Clean Your Windows and Frames

On of the most fundamental but basic things you can do to increase your kerb appeal is to get your windows along with frames and sills professionally cleaned. You want to make sure that your windows gleam and let in as much light as possible to maximise the feeling of brightness and airiness internally.

Clear Your Gutters & Clean Your Roof

Any potential buyers will want to be certain that there won’t be any costly maintenance issues to deal with on the close of the transaction. Ensuring that the roof is in good condition and that the gutters are clear will to reassure them right from the star. Further, if there are any structural issues with the roof, it’s better that any potential buyer is made aware of this early on ideally so that any already offered price doesn’t come down.

To book Our Seven Step Exterior Cleaning Service Plan or discuss how any other exterior cleaning services could enhance your property kerb appeal and elevate both the perceived and actual value of your property.

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