Acid Etch Graffiti Removal in Brixton, London

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We were contacted by our client, a large financial institution to deliver acid etch graffiti removal services from their glass frontage in Brixton. Brixton is a dynamic place with a vibrant history. Positioned in South London between Wandsworth and Southwark, Brixton lies within the London Borough of Lambeth. Affectionately explained as containing “the world in one borough”, Brixton is one of the most diverse places in the UK and Europe. As a mutual who’s objective is to help to fund development and investment opportunities our client’s visibility on the high street and it’s strong reputation demanded the swift removal of this unsightly acid etch graffiti on the glass panes.





Acid Etch Graffiti on Glass





DSW Cleaning Graffiti Removal Specialists








DSW Cleaning has a reactive and fast graffiti and acid etch graffiti removal response team. We can rapidly remove all types of graffiti from acid etch graffiti to spray paint graffiti without causing any damage to the surface. Our technicians are trained and experienced with all sizes and types of graffiti removal. Our graffiti removal methods are tailored to your requirements, considering the type of material used for the graffiti and the type of surface it is on.




Removal of Acid Etch Graffiti on Glass














DSW Cleaning graffiti removal specialists operate in and around London and the
South East of England delivering a swift and cost-effective graffiti removal and graffiti
protection service.

If you have an ongoing or a one-off problem with graffiti, DSW Cleaning LTD are the
best suited contractors to assist with this ongoing problem. We have extensive
experience of delivering graffiti removal both at street level and in areas where
specialist access requirements might be needed. No graffiti removal job is too big or
too small for our expert team.

Alongside our quick and easy graffiti removal services, we can provide strategic
advice in relation to on-going graffiti control. This may include specialist coatings to
assist with graffiti removal.



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