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How to Get Full Asking Price On Your Property

Many London homes and London Businesses have rendered exteriors, whether it is a rendered façade or a render extension.

Whilst lovely when new, over time, the render can become discoloured with algae and lichen.

It doesn’t matter what brand of render you use.

Whether you are using a render like Moncouche, K-Rend or Weber, at some point you will get algae and mildew staining, as well as a change in colour due to weathering affects and pollution.


 Top 4 Render Cleaning Tips

1) Don’t Leave It Dirty

Weathering will naturally cause green staining on rendered surfaces. Trees and other greenery nearby can cause spores promoting biological growth on the building. It’s highly likely the render on your London property is going to look even less attractive on the aspect of your building where there is little sunshine, particularly the north and east sides. As a result of the warm, humid weather the UK enjoys, growths like these will do very well, quickly covering and discolouring building render. That means that buildings in this kind of climate need to be cleaned more often than those in colder, less humid climates. These stains, if not treated soon enough, can leave behind unsightly stains. Don’t let the build up become aggressive before you decide to get it clean.

2) Don’t be tempted to clean it yourself

Trying to remove moss, algae and lichen from render surfaces on your own, can be problematic and cause you to spend more money in the long run. Tempting though it may be to use high pressure washing system to blasts away the accumulation quickly, not using the correct pressure will simply push the water deeper into the surface of the render course, causing damage. This water could ingress and freeze with cold temperatures that winter brings. Freezing can in turn leads to cracking in your render which is costly to repair. Another problem you may find is that using the wrong method and the wrong pressure won’t actually kill mould spores completely and despite your best efforts you will notice continued growth for weeks to come.

3) Don’t paint over it

Once render starts to stain, many people believe that repainting the entire building is the only solution. Actually repainting isn’t the best option. Simply put, when render is kept clean, then it retains its colour. It’s significantly more cost-effective to have the render cleaned rather than repainted especially when re-painting may also require scaffolds and mobile elevating platforms on top of the cost of paint!

4) Choose the correct cleaning solution

We use a proven softwash treatment that is mild on your London building’s render but tough on biological infection. We can avoid the damage caused by high pressure cleaning by using a gentle cleaning system that uses a pH neutral detergent to get rid of the infestation, restoring the natural finish of the render and allowing it to retain its finish for along time to come. Once softwashed, your render can keep its look for several years, lasting far longer than previous cleaning and maintenance methods would allow.

If you want to discuss your render and the cleaning solutions we provide then get in touch!

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