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What makes the DOFF Integra so special?The DOFF Cleaning System is a highly specialist piece of cleaning equipment which can remove stubborn and engrained dirt, markings, paint or biological matter from stone, brick, concrete, tiles, wood and terracotta.  It stands alone from any other steam system currently on the  market.

The DOFF Integra can reach temperatures of up to 150 at the nozzle. Due to the DOFF being a super heated system it is also suitable for sterilisation in settings as varied as kitchens, swimming pools, toilets, hospitals and more. 

 DOFF Steam Cleaning Benefits

One major reasons we decided to become Stonehealth DOFF contractors is because of the design and integrity of the system. The design of this specialist machine actually restricts the use of water which means that this very valuable commodity – water – is not wasted throughout the cleaning process. 

On top of this, the DOFF Integra system uses less amounts of energy and fuel, than other steam cleaners on the market. The result is that the DOFF system has a relatively low carbon footprint – something that we feel quite strongly about.

The DOFF system is a particularly gentle steam cleaning system in that it doesn’t need to be used along with any chemicals. It is an entirely water based system.  

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DOFF Steam Cleaning Results

There are a number of superheated steam cleaning systems on the market. All of which are portable, versatile and environmentally-friendly surface cleaning systems that produce superheated water  to clean brick, stonework and masonry. The most notable companion to the Stonehealth DOFF integra System are ThermaTech, a system which we also champion. The main difference between the DOFF and other steam cleaning systems, with the exception of the ThermTech which too is in a league of it’s own, is that the Doff is the only English Heritage approved system. This means that conservationists, heritage sites and listed buildings and monuments  will usually only permit DOFF steam cleaners to be used on their properties. When you use steam rather than pressure to clean surfaces you protect the texture and surface of your building with and can be sure not to cause any damage. The low impact but high result nature of the DOFF system is why we have included it in our equipment range. 


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Stonehealth Approved DOFF Contractors

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DSW Are Approved DOFF Steam Cleaning Contractors

We are based in London which is ideally suited for London, Surrey, Kent or Essex based DOFF Cleaning projects and means we can access pretty much any location in England.

Our well evaluated and formal DOFF Steam Cleaning Written proposals can be provided within 24 hours and assuming PO’s can be issued and deposits paid, our Stonehealth approved DOFF contractors can be onsite within 48 hours or sooner.

As an experienced & professional cleaning façade cleaning and exterior company we have a large range of complimentary cleaning systems including the TORC wet abrasive system. As approved Stonehealth Contractors we don’t procure inferior cleaning systems and advertise ourselves as Stonehealth Approved contractors – we have been Stonehealth accredited and all our units are services and maintained by Stonehealth directly.

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Approved Contractor DOFF Steam Cleaning in England

Quick look videos of just some of the jobs we can carry out as Stonehealth approved contractors using the DOFF cleaning system.

We Answer Your DOFF Cleaning Questions

When you choose DSW for DOFF steam cleaning we assure you of an optimum level of service and finish. We’ve put together answers to many of the questions we get asked but please feel free to contact us directly if there is anything further.

What is DOFF Cleaning?

In a nutshell, DOFF Cleaning is the process of cleaning a surface specifically using a ‘DOFF’ machine.

What is a DOFF machine? A DOFF Integra super-heats water to create steam in extremely high temperatures, which is then  used to clean brick, stone and masonry. A DOFF system heats to temperatures dramtically higher than conventional steam-cleaners. Once the water has been heated to an extremley high level and pumps through the machine, it is the steam generated that actually treats the matter – so any surface being cleaned isn’t impacted by thermal shock, intense pressure or deep saturation. This method of cleaning makes the DOFF Integra is unprecedented at removing  organic matter, dirt, paint and graffiti from walls and roofs and more.

What Can the DOFF system clean?

DOFF Integra can clean ingrained surface contaminants from a whole host of different surfaces including stone surfaces, brickwork, tiled surfaces, metals and commercial cladding.

Because the DOFF system doesn’t use high pressure to force water droplets into the substrate (and potentially erode any soft surface) it is essential for cleaning heritage sites and listed buildings – or any building where conservation and delicate restoration is key.

DOFF can also remove most oil and plastic-based paint, algae, moss, fungi, wax, chewing gum, bitumen, oil and grease, bird poo and graffiti.

What is the difference between DOFF steam cleaning and Pressure Washing?

In it’s deconstructed form, the DOFF system includes a pressure washing pump and a hot water boiler. It would be wrong to conclude that the DOFF system is just a standard hot water pressure washer, it’s much more than that. The system has been superbly engineered by Stonehealth ( a UK based company offering products and consultancy for sensitive stonework restoration and conservation). The machine is set up at the correct flow and pressure for cleaning and restoring brick, stone and other surfaces in and around England, so it is ‘the Rolls Royce’ of machinery.

The major difference, however, is that steam cleaning is a gentle lower pressure option which some hard surfaces are much more suited to. Pressure washing, on the other hand is just that – washing with pressure. With pressure washing we  are using a machine that pumps water out of the nozzle at significant pressure to clean. With DOFF Steam cleaning we are using a DOFF system which pumps super heated water out of the nozzle instead. Both cleaning methods use water, one at super high temperature the other at super high force. Done right, pressure washing is an excellent cleaning technique and we do offer pressure washing services particularly for driveway cleaning in London and patio cleaning in London. There are some surfaces which simply cannot and should not be cleaned using the extreme force that pressure washing exerts, for example heritage sites, listed buildings, buildings in conservation areas, roofs, statues and any other surface which needs a lighter but not less effective cleaning method.


What is the difference between DOFF Steam cleaning and Softwash?

DOFF steam cleaning and SoftWash are both extremley effective cleaning methods which can be used to clean a number of surfaces in a number of situations. We advise quite strongly that you never allow an inexperienced or untrained person or a general cleaner or handyperson to attempt to either steam clean or SoftWash any area of your property. This is beacuse Doff Steam cleaning and SoftWash require highly specialised, fairly expensive cleaning appartus to be used by a trained and competent exterior building cleaning professional. Both steam cleaning and SoftWash will require a level of cleaning consultancy or an assessment of the building or surface prior to any work taking place. With both methods your surface will be cleaned and also santitised using low pressure. This is where the similarities end.

Steam Cleaning is chemical free. It could be used in conjunction with chemicals if that is required by the job or requested specifically by the client but essentially a key USP of the DOFF Steam sysytem is that the super heated water can clean, restore and santise a wide range of surfaces gently but effectvely a) without using chemicals and b) without fully saturating the surface being cleaned. SoftWash on the other hand is all about the low pressure, high volume application of unique chemical blends which need to be absorbed by a surface before the clean, santise and disinfect process can begin. SoftWash is an excellent and relatively groundbreaking cleaning methodology. We love using SoftWash to clean and sanitise buildings but it is not always a suitable option, for example if the cleaning must be chemcical free.

Sometimes, steam cleaning and SoftWash go hand in hand and on many projects we use both cleaning techniques to bring the job up to an optimum standard of clean. DOFF Steam Cleaning and SoftWash do have similar outcomes but the actual process is inherently different, polar opposite even. Using steam when you could have used SoftWash or using SoftWash when you shoud have used steam can be costly and leave a poor cleaning result. It is important to choose an exterior building cleaning company who can identify the best cleaning solution for your property and the deliver.