With over 35 years combined cleaning industry experience, DSW has cleaned windows for some of the largest projects in London, including a South London Grand Designs home and Motion Pictures Studios. At DSW’s disposal are cherry pickers, abseils, super reach telescopic poles, ‘pure water’ systems, traditional cleaning equipment, professional window cleaning ladders, high-pressure systems and an impressive range of glass repair and carpet cleaning machines.

Quick Facts

Over 35 years combined experience in the window & carpet cleaning industry
The equipment to complete almost any job
Environmentally Friendly

Why Choose Us

Great Testimonials & 5 Star Reviews

We have excellent testimonials from clients including local residents and corporate businesses located across London. We like to leave our clients smiling as brightly as the windows. The feedback and customer reviews on the DSW Window Cleaning Yell business page are a testament to the high quality service we provide. Please feel free to read more here: Yell | Google

Investor In Green Approaches

With DSW not only do you get the best possible window cleaning service but an environmentally conscious service too. All our DSW window cleaning operatives are trained to use water conservation techniques. As a company DSW has invested in cleaning apparatus, which is 100% environmentally friendly. By using a reverse osmosis pure water system instead of chemical infused detergents, we do our part for local ecosystems whilst achieving the best; streak free cleans for your home or business.

The Pure Water System

By using ‘pure water’ which is distilled through a reverse osmosis process, DSW offers out a chemical & streak free superior clean. If your windows have been cleaned with detergents or chemicals previously it could take 2 or 3 visits using our Water Fed Pole System to remove any soapy residue. Until the cleaning compound is fully broken down there may be minor spotting on the glass. We are confident that once the substances are fully eliminated you will be delighted with the finish of your windows.

Better Cleaning Results & Improved Service

One major advantage of pure water process is that the filtered water absorbs the dirt build up from your windows. The method involves brushing the glass clean using pure water which is pumped through a microscopic pole. After a period of natural drying the windows are left clean and smear free. Parts of your property that may have previously been considered inaccessible; such as third floor and awkward to reach windows, skylights, conservatory roofs etc. can now be cleaned with ease.

Equipment That Can Reach

With our cherry pickers, abseils and super length poles & ladders DSW safely and easily cleans glass in to hard-to-reach areas.

Expertise In Other Services

On the DSW team we have experienced carpet cleaners who provide a robust cleaning service to almost any textured floor surface. DSW are specialists in glass repair and restoration. Using cutting edge glass polishing equipment DSW can repair scratched and damaged glass.

Use Of Abseils

If height is a factor, DSW will precisely & expertly select the most appropriate technique for reaching and cleaning your windows. When neither DSW super length poles or cherry pickers are the right tool for accessing elevated windows; DSW  has a carefully selected team of abseil window cleaners. With over 1,500 hours  of abseil practice between them, our trained abseil professionals have  also performed at the London Olympics. This combination of abseil experts and window cleaning specialists gives DSW  the flexibility and capacity to safely reach windows at any height. When DSW is your preferred window cleaner the sky really is the limit.

Health & Safety

Recent European legislation now restricts the use of ladders. The law currently states that ladders can only be used when all viable alternatives have been considered. The Water Fed Pole System is widely accepted to be safer and more effective substitute than ladders for window cleaning.

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